Tesla Powerwall 2

Experience clean, reliable energy with the Tesla Powerwall 2. An efficient way to power your home and save money on bills!

Tesla Powerwall

Why should I buy a Tesla solar battery?

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a revolutionary home battery system that stores energy for later use. It can be used as a backup power source or to store excess solar energy, allowing you to maximise your green energy production and save money on your energy bill.

A rechargeable, lithium-ion battery, the Tesla Powerwall 2 has a 13.5KW storage capacity and a 5kW continuous output, with a 7kW peak, providing enough energy to power your home without interruption, even on the cloudiest of days.

Made from sustainably sourced components, the Tesla Powerwall 2 can be integrated into existing solar systems and works with your EV charging system.

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With its intelligent functions, the Tesla Powerwall 2 can also be set to draw power from the grid during off-peak rates. This ensures you’ll never pay peak electricity rates again, saving you money on your electricity bill.

As a certified Tesla Powerwall 2 installer, Evo Solar offers Tesla Solar battery installation in Geelong and Melbourne, working with our customers to find the right renewable energy systems.

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“In our complete solar battery review, the Powerwall 2 came out as the best value AC battery system on the market, with a large 13.5kWh storage capacity, it is well sized for most large modern homes. It’s also the only battery to incorporate liquid cooling, which means it may outlast some other batteries, especially in extreme climates.

With a 10-year warranty and building on experience from the durable Tesla electric vehicle batteries, the Powerwall appears to be very a well-engineered battery system and has so far proven to be a high performing battery”

Jason Svarc, Clean Energy Review 2021


The cost of a Tesla solar battery in Geelong and Melbourne will depend on your energy needs and location. Evo Solar works with our customers to find the perfect energy solutions for you.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 price includes a 10-year warranty across Geelong and Melbourne. Evo Solar is an accredited installer of the Tesla Powerwall 2.

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