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When it comes to maintaining your new renewable energy system, Evo Solar is here to help, even after installation is complete.

Whether it’s Tesla battery maintenance, a repair, the diagnosis of system issues or a lack of performance concern, our team of qualified experts are only a call away.

Our team also offers compliance checks, roof inspections and cleaning.

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Regular maintenance of your solar system helps ensure that it continues to operate safely and efficiently. Although solar systems are built to be tough, constant exposure to the elements can cause damage to the parts. Regular maintenance can also help identify problems early on, before they have a chance to cause damage or significantly reduce efficiency.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solar system is important for optimal performance. We recommend inspecting and cleaning your system at least once a year to keep it running smoothly.

The most common maintenance actions that solar power systems require are checking for debris, inspecting wiring connections and cleaning the solar panels. Additionally, it’s important to regularly check your inverter connection and monitor system performance. Many inverters allow you to monitor your system performance from your laptop or smartphone via an app, ensuring that your solar power system is working efficiently at all times.