Evo Solar offers only the highest quality inverters to suit your family's energy requirements. Our highly experienced specialists will help you select the best products for your home, ensuring you get the most value from your renewable energy system.

Our range of inverters are industry-leading.

Inverters are a key element of any solar energy system. As the hardest working component of your solar system, inverters play a crucial role by converting the direct currents (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating currents (AC). In addition to their functional significance, inverters also contribute to the safety and reliability of your solar energy system.

By investing in a quality inverter, you can ensure optimal efficiency, saving you on energy costs. It will also cost you less in the long run, as a high-quality inverter will ensure you get the most of your solar panel system for longer.

Evo Solar offers a range of inverters, including after-sales support, on high-quality inverters by Fronius, Enphase micro-inverters and Sungrow string inverters.



Australia’s number one inverters system, Fronius inverters are renowned for their exceptional performance, with advanced features such as higher self-consumption rates, intelligent energy flow control, and grid export limitation.


Enphase micro-inverters boast advanced safety technology, powerful monitoring, lightweight design for easy installation, and a 25-year warranty. They achieve up to 97% efficiency and work seamlessly with the latest energy storage systems.


Sungrow string interverters offer an affordable renewable energy solution for your home, with real-time monitoring and easy-to-use installation.

Unsure of the right product for you?

Our team of qualified solar panel experts will work with you to find the best solution for your home and family.


While solar panels collect the sunlight and turn it into energy, it’s the inverter that converts energy into usable power for your home. Inverters also monitor the solar panel’s performance and safety, making it an important component of your solar power system.

String inverters function by connecting solar panels together using ‘strings’ that are then linked to a single inverter. In contrast, micro-inverters pair each panel with its own individual inverter, allowing you to monitor individual solar panels in your system, making it easier to identify and rectify faults.

In general, micro-inverters are a safer system and are more efficient. They are a solid state device with no high voltage direct current (DC), giving them a much stronger lifespan than traditional string inverters.

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