Enphase Microinverters

Power your home with the world's most advanced solar inverter.


The benefits of an Enphase microinverter

Enphase microinverters are powerful enough to turn even the cloudiest of days into energy, saving you on your electricity bill all year round.

Compatible with virtually all solar panel makes and models, Enphase has a reputation as one of the biggest and best manufacturers of microinverters.

Unlike other inverters on the market, the Enphase energy microinverter system allows you to monitor the performance of individual solar panels in your system, making it easier to identify and rectify faults.

As a certified Enphase inverter retailer and installer, Evo Solar works with our customers to ensure their renewable energy system suits their family’s needs and budgets.

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Join the energy revolution with Enphase

Enphase's pioneering microinverter technology allows you to monitor individual solar panels, ensuring you're getting the best performance from your system.

Purchasing an Enphase microinverter will also future-proof your green energy investment.

Enphase inverters allow you to expand your solar power system should your energy consumption need to increase. This is especially important as homeowners make the shift to more eco-friendly options, such as electric vehicles, hot water heat pumps and induction cooktops.

As a certified Enphase microinverter installer, buy an Enphase micro inverter from Evo Solar and take your first step towards an energy-efficient future.

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Enphase microinverters feature advanced safety technology, offer powerful monitoring capabilities, have a lightweight design for easy installation, and come with a 25-year limited warranty. They also provide maximum efficiency, up to 97%, and are compatible with the latest energy storage systems.

Evo Solar works with our customers to ensure we recommend the right product for their energy needs and budget.

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