The benefits of Solar Power systems for homes

published on June 28, 2023

Are you looking for ways to save on your energy bills at home? Have you considered installing a solar power system? With advancements in technology, more and more homeowners are turning to solar power systems as an alternative source of energy. Not only can it save you money in the long term, but it’s also an environmentally friendly option.

Find out the benefits of solar power systems for residential homes and how they can be a smart investment for the future.

Reduce energy bills

One of the primary benefits of using a solar power system in your home is the ability to drastically reduce your energy bills. When you generate your electricity, you’re no longer relying on the local power company for electricity.

Over time, this can save homeowners like you thousands of dollars, especially with the rising costs of living in Australia. Consider adding a battery to your solar power system and you’ll reduce your need to plug into the grid even further, with batteries allowing you to store up energy during the day, to use at night.

Generate an extra source of income

Did you know that you can sell excess energy back to the grid for a rate called a ‘feed in tariff’, providing an additional income stream? The rate of these feed in tariffs tends to vary between different states, suburbs and the electricity retailer you are with.

Check with your power company, and shop around to find the best feed in tariff for your area.

Environmental benefits

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that creates less pollution than traditional methods of generating electricity. Go green and help reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with fossil fuels with the use of solar panels, inverters, racking and batteries.

Increase your home value

Installing a solar power system can increase the value of your home, as potential buyers are attracted to the long-term savings potential associated with using solar energy. According to Origin Energy, 57% of home owners say they would be willing to pay up to $10,000 more for a home with solar power already installed, making solar power a solid investment in your homes resale value.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of solar power systems is that they require little maintenance. Once installed, solar panels offer clean energy without the need for ongoing maintenance. The only cost associated with solar power systems is the occasional cleaning of the solar panels to remove any dirt or debris that can affect the performance of the panels.

For more information about solar panel maintenance, visit here.

Is it right for me?

Installing solar power systems in your home can offer significant long-term savings on energy bills, provide environmental benefits and increase home value.

With technology advancements in recent years, solar power systems have become an affordable and practical option for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their monthly expenses.

If you’re considering going solar, get in touch with us with any questions you may have on 0411 375 484. We can guide you through the installation process and you’ll be reaping the benefits of solar power in no time!

The benefits of Solar Power systems for homes